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Gas / Diesel Trucks > EGT Brand Sensors / Thermocouples
Thermocouple Signal Transmitter 0-5v Octo (8) Channel Kit
 EGT-0/5v-Octo Kit
 3 LBS.
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$799.95 $749.95

Thermocouple Signal Transmitter 0-5v Type "K" 8 Channel Kit with Stinger Hyper Probes.

Just released by EGT our new Signal Converter takes any Type "K" Thermocouple(Ungrounded or Exposed Junction) and converts its signal to 0-5volt output.

The Kit Includes(8) WORLD FAMOUS "Stinger HYPER RESPONSE" EGT Probes w/ Mounting Hardware!

**Stinger EGT sensors have staggered wire length's for Big Block or Small Block Engines, exposed tip junction w/ Mild steel weld-on hardware.

***Enclosed Tip Sensors & Stainless Mounting Options are Available***

Converter Spec's:

  • (8) Channels for Type "K" Thermocouple. (T/C's Included)
  • Cold junction compensation.(uses any length wire)
  • Recommended Input Voltage +14.5V to 36V DC.
  • Output is 4mv/C / 0c = 0v to 1250C = 5.0v
  • Temperature Range 0C - 1250C or 32F - 2282F
  • Compact and easy to install w/ Velcro or Screw Mount

Most Dataloggers like AEM EMS, Greddy EManage, Motec, Stack, ACR, HRC, Many Dyno's & Industrial Applications have provisions for 0-5v inputs, this device solves the problem with interpreting the thermocouple's millivolt signal.

This Kit Includes:

  • (1) Octo (8) Channel Thermocouple Convertor 0-5v
  • (8)1/4" Stinger EGT Sensor's w/ Staggered Wire Lengths (2ea.length 9",13.75",18.50",23.25") w/ Mild Steel Weld-on mounting hardware.
  • (2)Patch Cables 8.0" Length.
  • (1) EGT to Convertor Box Termination Kit. (staggered leads & mini plugs only)
  • (1) Install Instructions

**Optional EGT connections are available, "No Charge"

  • Standard Stripped Leads (Standard)
  • Staggered Leads w/ Ring Terminals (Optional)
  • Mini Jack & Plug (Optional)

On the thermocouple side of any instrument it is important to use what they call a compensated connector this means that the connector has to be made of the same alloy's as the type used in the a type "K" thermocouple. Using any other alloy will cause the instruments reading to have an error.

To simplify the ordering process EGT has optional Type K connections. Please let us know which connector is desired at checkout.

If you have any questions feel free to contact EGT @1-800-348-4678

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