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Snowmobiles > EGT Brand Sensors / Thermocouples
Pro Series EGT Sensor Kits
 EGT Pro Series
 3 LBS.

Genuine EGT Pro Series Sensors Kits.

Exhaust Gas Technologies Pro Series "Stinger & Bullet", Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor's are...


To be the fastest most durable in the WORLD!

Our sensor's are compatible with the following manufacturer's...

  • Autometer
  • ARC
  • Stewart-Warner
  • Westach
  • Altronic's
  • RacePak
  • Digatron
  • Redline
  • Edelbrock
  • Percey's
  • PLX
  • Computech
  • Superflow
  • Dyno Jet
  • Edge Products
  • Bullydog and many more!

100% Made In the USA!

Our Probes Feature:

  • Type “K” Calibration Special Limits, Traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Inconel Outer sheath good to 2200 + F
  • Kapton Insulated Stainless Steel Overbraided Wire
  • Wire Length up to 72 inches w/ striped leads
  • Exposed Tip Junction Hyper Response can see a single misfire @ 8000 RPM
  • Response time 300 milli-seconds All Day Long!
  • This Probe is compatible with...Race Gasoline, Alcohol, Methanol, or Nitrous Oxide in naturally aspirated, Turbo charged, Blown/Supercharged Engines and Fixed & Portable Dynometer’s.

Exhaust Gas Technologies, EGT sensors are the #1 EGT sensors used in professional Motor sports world wide.

We currently supply the top teams in NASCAR, INDY,NHRA, IHRA, BONNEVILLE, and IMSA AND MORE.

We're the people that started EGT measurements in auto racing years ago. Everyone is still chasing us with many “Look-a-Like” products and pirated concepts.

No one has come close to our Performance, Longevity, Accuracy and Reliability.

Just ask the pros,


Custom Probes are a Daily Occurrence in our manufacturing plant! If you need something special! Give us a call 800-348-4678

EGT is also a leading manufacturer of Industrial Sensors from Plastic Injection Molds to Powder coat ovens and even Dynamometer's.

Contact us for your Free Quote, TODAY!

Products in the Pro Series EGT Sensor Kits group:
  Product No. Select a Product for More Info Price Qty Buy
 .250 Super Probes Super Pro Series Exhaust Probes .250 Dia.

The Fastest Most Durable Sensor In The World!

 .250 Sportsman Probes Sportsman Pro Series Exhaust Probes .250 Dia.

3-Year Warranty!

 .187 Sportsman Probes Sportsman Series Exhaust Probes .187 Dia.

3-Year Warranty!

 .250 Stinger Probes Stinger Pro Series Exhaust Probes .250 Dia.

2-Year Warranty!

 .187 Stinger Probes Stinger Pro Series Exhaust Probes .187 Dia.

2-Year Warranty!

 WP / CHT Group CHT / Fluid Temp Pro Series Probes

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