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UDXR clears through NHRA Rules!

Data Recorders Acceptance

After researching the topic of data recorders in selected E.T. classes for more than two years, the NHRA Technical Department has accepted the use of data recorders. This rule is limited to Advanced E.T. and Super Pro vehicles that compete in the Summit Racing Series and other E.T. bracket events. The rule amendment continues to prohibit the use of data recorders in all other E.T. classes.

This rule change allows Super category vehicles to have similar rules for bracket events and encourage a larger crossover in competitors.

General Information

Racepak Dash Display Unit

The NHRA Technical Department has accepted the Racepak UDX Dash unit for use in all Professional and Sportsman categories excluding Stock Eliminator. The unit will also be allowed on Super Pro vehicles in E.T. Handicap racing as well.

The Racepak UDX Dash, which features four different models depending on the end users needs, is basically a gauge panel in a digital form. The unit can display up to 21 functions/vitals and uses the same sensors as the data recorder, therefore eliminating the requirement for dual sensors, one for the gauge and one for the data recorder. The units range from a display only model, to record and replay data units, to the top-line that features a built-in data recorder.

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