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Industrial Sensor Accessories
Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver
 0.5 LBS.
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Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Board

The FE_STEPPER_BP is a bipolar stepper driver for use in the control and sequencing of stepper motors. The driver incorporates many of the complicated functions needed to efficiently drive a stepper motor such as current chopping, microstep sequencing, and H-Bridge control. The driver has many safety features such as overheat protection, safe power up sequencing, and undervolt lock out protection. The driver has been designed to work with most popularly available stepper motors.

Please see the datasheet for full information on all of the features and capabilities of the motor driver.

Key Features

  • Designed for Stepper Motor sizes NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17, and 23
  • Bipolar drive for maximum stepper motor torque
  • Terminal blocks for quick and easy connection of all external wires such as stepper motor coils, power, direction, and step signals
  • Dipswitch selectable microstepping - full (1/1), half (1/2), quarter (1/4), and eighth (1/8)
  • Easy trimpot adjustable current limiting from 150ma to 750ma
  • Easy trimpot adjustment for slow decay mode, mixed decay mode, and fast decay mode
  • Onboard 5V regulator, 20ma available to power external devices
  • Heatsink for high heat dissipation
  • Drive voltage range from 5V to 28V
  • Overheat protection
  • Safe power on sequencing
  • Undervolt lockout protection
  • Star ground PCB layout for excellent noise immunity


  • Recommended Input Voltage - 5V to 28V
  • Recommended Stepper Motor Sizes- NEMA 8, NEMA 11, NEMA 14, NEMA 17, or NEMA 23
  • Recommended Stepper Motor Type- 4 wire, 6 wire, or 8 wire
  • Microstepping Options- Full, Half, Quarter, Eighth
  • Drive Current- 150ma to 750ma
  • Stepper Motor Configurations- Bipolar Series, Bipolar Half Coil, Bipolar Parallel
  • Current Decay Modes- Slow Decay, Mixed Decay, Fast Decay
  • External +5V Current Available 20ma max

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